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Professor Dave Moore

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My personal ambition is to contribute to knowledge of the way hearing changes during the life span and to help develop interventions that will lead to better hearing. My research career can be roughly divided into three phases, united by a constant interest in the development and plasticity of hearing. My early work was on the neurophysiology of the higher levels of the auditory system. Next came an interest in the effects of deafness on the morphology, connections, cell biology and neurophysiology of the auditory pathway. For the last decade, I have been primarily interested in auditory behavioural neuroscience, both in humans and animals. Throughout my work on hearing, I have been fascinated by how the auditory system changes in response to environmental influences. These influences include genetic factors regulating maturation, maintenance and degeneration, external sources regulating sound passage and transduction in the ears, and other, non-auditory sources that modulate the way in which sound is perceived. I think my most gratifying professional experiences have been seeing many of my students and post-docs make their own significant contributions to science, medicine and commerce.



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