3rd November 2015

The 10th International Tinnitus Research Initiative Conference and 1st EU COST Action (TINNET) conference

We are proud to be organizing this meeting along with our colleagues at The Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit (NHBRU). The main meeting will be held at the University of Nottingham from the 16 - 18 March 2016. It will be preceded by an Industry Networking Event sponsored by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology initiative as part of their tinnitus network (TINNET) on the 15th March. Registration for the meeting has just opened and we are hoping that many scientists from IHR, NHBRU and further afield will contribute to the poster sessions. Further details are on the website at

29th October 2015

IHR Scottish Section at the NHS Research Scotland annual conference

On Wednesday 28th October a team from the IHR Scottish Section attended the NHS Research Scotland annual conference at the newly opened Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. IHR had three posters on display regarding tinnitus maskers, high-intelligibility broadcast streams & intervention benefit. The conference was a great opportunity to participate in discussion about the opportunities and challenges for clinical research in Scotland and to further disseminate the good work going on at IHR while strengthening links with funders and collaborators.

2nd September 2015

IHR in Cardiff for the BSA Basic Science Meeting - The Cutting Edge

We are proud to be supporting the Basic Auditory Science meeting of the British Society of Audiology, to be held on 3rd and 4th September. We have 5 talks and 19 posters being presented by many of our scientists, from programme leaders to first-year PhD students. Its at Cardiff University -- posters in the Music Auditorium, talks in the Julian Hodge Lecture Theatre. Follow us there help sharpen the cutting edge of science on twitter @MRCihr #BSAbas2015

20th August 2015

Summer Scientists

Child playing

We've just finished a very successful week at Nottingham University's Summer Scientist Week. In total 325 future scientists aged 4-12 years played our experimental games "Houston, we have a problem!", "Listen Up" and "Beat the Noise". Thank you to all for participating, and to Johanna Barry, Hannah Stewart, Aina Casaponsa and Hettie Roebuck at IHR and Elinor Cheason at The University of Nottingham for all their hard work in designing and running the experiments.



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