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Just one month to go on our public science experiment!

We still need more listeners in our public experiment, "A Century of Amplified Music", to see if listening to loud music over a lifetime affects hearing loss.

Visiting Scientist wins Dalby Prize

Dr Douglas Hartley, a visiting scientist at IHR and a research lead at NHBRU, has been awarded the Dalby Prize by the Royal Society of Medicine.

A successful PhD -- Joel Berger

Congratulations to Joel Berger, who has recently passed his PhD at the MRC IHR and the University of Nottingham.

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28th April (1 pm) - Assessment of babies and other difficult-to-test people through measurement of cortical responses. Talk by Harvey Dillon


Latest Publications

  • Jones PR, Moore DR, Shub DE, Amitay S "Learning to detect a tone in unpredictable noise." View on PubMed
  • Ahmmed AU, Ahmmed AA, Bath JR, Ferguson MA, Plack CJ, Moore DR "Assessment of Children With Suspected Auditory Processing Disorder: A Factor Analysis Study." View on PubMed
  • Barrett DJ, Zobay O "Attentional Control via Parallel Target-Templates in Dual-Target Search." View on PubMed
  • Whitmer WM, Howell P, Akeroyd MA "Proposed norms for the Glasgow hearing-aid benefit profile (GHABP) questionnaire." View on PubMed
  • Akeroyd MA, Guy FH, Harrison DL, Suller SL "A factor analysis of the SSQ (Speech, Spatial, and Qualities of Hearing Scale)." View on PubMed
  • Zohar O, Shackleton TM, Palmer AR, Shamir M "The effect of correlated neuronal firing and neuronal heterogeneity on population coding accuracy in Guinea pig inferior colliculus." View on PubMed

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