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Insects inspire next generation of hearing aids

Despite remarkable advances in sound analysis in hearing aids, the actual microphone itself has remained essentially unchanged for decades.

New IHR Director

Professor Michael Akeroyd arrived in post on 7 April 2015 as the MRC Institute of Hearing Research’s new Director.

Award for outstanding contribution to hearing research

Congratulations to Mel Ferguson, Helen Henshaw, Daniel Clark of NHBRU and our own David Moore, previous IHR director, on winning the Editors’ Award 2015 from the journal Ear and Hearing.

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28th April (1 pm) - Talk by Tobias Neher. Title TBA

19th May (1 pm) - Talk by Patrick May. Title TBA

26th May (1 pm) - Talk by Jess Monaghan: 'Listen up! Better speech understanding with hearing aids'


Latest Publications

  • Zobay O, Palmer AR, Hall DA, Sereda M, Adjamian P "Source space estimation of oscillatory power and brain connectivity in tinnitus." View on PubMed
  • Banai K, Amitay S "The effects of stimulus variability on the perceptual learning of speech and non-speech stimuli." View on PubMed
  • Jones PR, Moore DR, Amitay S "Development of auditory selective attention: Why children struggle to hear in noisy environments." View on PubMed
  • McShefferty D, Whitmer WM, Akeroyd MA "The Just-Noticeable Difference in Speech-to-Noise Ratio." View on PubMed

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