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Listening to speech in noise – Adult volunteers needed with Auditory Processing Disorder

We are looking for normally hearing adults who have been referred for Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) to take part in a study looking at how people listen to speech in noise.

Listening in noisy conditions – volunteers needed

We are looking for children and young people aged 11-18 with mild-moderate sensorineural hearing loss, who are native speakers of English, to take part in a study looking at the impact of hearing loss on the ability to listen to speech in noisy conditions.

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Latest Publications

  • Whitmer WM, Seeber BU, Akeroyd MA "The perception of apparent auditory source width in hearing-impaired adults." View on PubMed
  • MacPherson A, Akeroyd MA "Variations in the Slope of the Psychometric Functions for Speech Intelligibility: A Systematic Survey." View on PubMed
  • Alves-Pinto A, Palmer AR, Lopez-Poveda EA "Perception and coding of high-frequency spectral notches: potential implications for sound localization." View on PubMed
  • Schönwiesner M, Dechent P, Voit D, Petkov CI, Krumbholz K "Parcellation of Human and Monkey Core Auditory Cortex with fMRI Pattern Classification and Objective Detection of Tonotopic Gradient Reversals." View on PubMed
  • Adjamian P, Hall DA, Palmer AR, Allan TW, Langers DR "Neuroanatomical abnormalities in chronic tinnitus in the human brain." View on PubMed
  • Fletcher MD, Wiggins IM "Can an auditory illusion trick the brain into turning down tinnitus?" View on PubMed
  • Ferguson MA, Henshaw H, Clark DPA and Moore DR ") Benefits of auditory training in 50-74 year olds with mild hearing loss" View on PubMed
  • Jones PR, Moore DR, Shub DE, Amitay S "Learning to detect a tone in unpredictable noise." View on PubMed

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