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Recent News

BSA Conference 2014 Poster Award Winners

At this month's British Society of Audiology Annual Conference, scientists from IHR won three of the poster prizes.

Out now: the ECLiPS questionnare

Johanna Barry and Dave Moore recently completed the development of a new questionnaire for support the assessment of children referred for listening difficulties (auditory processing disorder) and it is now available for purchase.

Participants wanted for new experiments

The Nottingham Clinical Section of the MRC Institute of Hearing Research is looking for participants to help with our research!

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4th November (1 pm) - Stimulus-specific adaptation in the auditory thalamus

18th November (1 pm) - Talk by Dan Schub. Title TBA

25th November (1 pm) - Talk by Chris Plack. Title TBA


Latest Publications

  • Brimijoin WO, Whitmer WM, McShefferty D, Akeroyd MA "The effect of hearing aid microphone mode on performance in an auditory orienting task." View on PubMed
  • Barry JG, Weiss B, and Sabisch B "Psychophysical estimates of frequency discrimination: About more than just limitations of auditory processing  " View on PubMed
  • Whitmer WM, Seeber BU, Akeroyd MA "The perception of apparent auditory source width in hearing-impaired adults." View on PubMed
  • MacPherson A, Akeroyd MA "Variations in the Slope of the Psychometric Functions for Speech Intelligibility: A Systematic Survey." View on PubMed

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